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The secret of electric toothbrush

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Maintain dental cleanness. Why does doubt of a lot of people hold to morning and evening to brush one's teeth, can often you still be faced with all sorts of oral cavity diseases and problem harrass? Because traditional tooth brush keeps clear of very hard thoroughly,this is tooth bacterium spot. The experiment proves, move tooth brush photograph to compare with traditional hand, the electric toothbrush that blends in high-tech can use shorter time, move tooth brush to keep clear of more than the hand the tooth bacterium spot of 38% , can reduce tooth gingivitis, control dental calculus is formed and pigment deposit. Its clean ability has gotten the accord of oral cavity expert affirms. As we have learned, the electric toothbrush that dragon of ohm of brand of health of Japanese professional medical treatment rolls out is used particular " 術 of ability of sound wave resonance " , the same rotational rate, vibration that brushs head top to brush hair it is the 2-3 below standard mode about times, can be inside formulary time go dirtying force raises 200% above.

Stimulative tooth health care. Although brush one's teeth,be the thing that people should do everyday, but meet what brush his teeth correctly do not see more however truly. Investigate according to the oral cavity health of our country, the incidence of a disease of tooth gingivitis, periodontosis is as high as 97% to 98% , the cause that causes tooth week disease basically is oral cavity not wholesome. In clinical patient, 90% above brush his teeth the method is incorrect, basically be to brush one's teeth way is wrong, brush his teeth for instance strength is too great, or use horizontal stroke of type of be locked in a seesaw struggle to brush a law to wait. The experiment proves, electric toothbrush can decrease 6 those who become the left and right sides brush one's teeth strength, your tooth gingivitis and gum haemorrhage rate fall 62% , let brush one's teeth the process is more safe and effective. And ohmic dragon company designed different tooth brush head in the light of crowd of different made of ivory, because brush one's teeth,decrease in great rate the injury to gum while, still have the effect that massages to health care to gum organization, your tooth gingivitis and dental haemorrhage odds drop considerably.

Convenient use, increase interest, develop good habit. Do not have stick-to-itive person to those, electric toothbrush can allow the save effort when they are saved. Electric toothbrush has ohmic dragon adjustable high rotate speed, although brush 1 minute only, also be equivalent to a hand moving at least brush his teeth 10 minutes, and go dirtying ability rises considerably. For the person that brushs his teeth to not be willing more very much, use the fun of electric toothbrush, can let them like to go up brush one's teeth. Not quite agile to those artifices, did not brush his teeth the crowd of ability, electric toothbrush is the choice that human nature influences more.

Electric toothbrush -- error of slam the door, choose correctly
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