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Be oral cavity ulcer administers a law together why different?

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Ulcer of oral cavity of Ms. Chen benefit is borne hard sorely, look for the division of old schoolmate Li Yao that works in hospital pharmacy, look take bit of what drug. Li Yao division discovers her not only have oral cavity ulcer, and canthus also has ulcer, have photophobia, weep phenomenon. Suggest she goes seeing a doctor, the examination discovers Ms. Chen returns benefit to have vulva ulcer at the same time.

Fit still relapses after Laowang suffers from proper motion of oral cavity ulcer to use drug, prolonged does not heal. He also looks for Li Yao division, the diameter that discovers ulcer via the examination is in 1 centimeter of above and the organization all round rises proliferously, high, the center caves submit crater form, the brim hardens.

These two kinds of circumstances cannot buy drug blindly from cure, must go to a hospital accepting examination treatment.

What Ms. Chen suffers from is a breed of a lifetime implement ask for integratedly (Bai Sai ill) , average person does not understand this 3 person relation, have a headache however foot of painful medical service of cure head, base. Actually this kind of disease is returned but drag in joint, nerve, heart and vessels, digest, the system such as breath, serious person cure can cause blindness not in time or die. According to Laowang the characteristic of oral cavity ulcer is met likely evil change, answer to have standard treatment in time.

Square lady croaks: "Saying oral cavity ulcer is to go up ' fire ' , this bezoar is alexipharmic piece but go ' fire ' good medicine, can was I taken how don't have effect? " the oral cavity that the doctor treats square lady, cankerous surface shows white, and her an account in one's own words is intentional tired and irritated, two buccal aglow, faint pain, faint wait for a symptom.

Change take know Bai De Huang Wan or bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia to wait.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is general " fire " the pathogeny that regarding is oral cavity ulcer, but " fire " the fire that divide empty, real anger, choose a fault medicine is invalid of course. The symptom of square lady is belonged to " empty fire " , ought to take know Bai De yellow pill or bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia wait for; and bezoar is alexipharmic piece or 3 Huang Pian is applied to only " real anger " ulcer of sexual oral cavity, visible ulcer surface shows the symptom yellow, red heat is painful, and companion has heat of body of a suffering, halitosis, be perturbed, make water symptom of yellow, constipation. Actually, still one is plant " irascibility " ulcer of sexual oral cavity, the symptom sees cankerous face show yellow white, all round red, quantitative a long time is shirt-sleeve even into piece, ache is acuteness, can appear at the same time have a headache, giddy, dazzled, irritable, the symptom such as buccal suffering. The appropriate that use drug chooses bolus of liver of rough gentian have diarrhoea (the pill of liver of rough gentian have diarrhoea that does not contain Guan Mu to connect already appeared on the market) . Still one is plant " internal heat " ulcer of sexual oral cavity, companion of ulcer of visible oral cavity sends the symptom a dry tongue is red, cold water of thirsty desire water, often insomnia, cure should raise shade to fall fire. Reference just can use: Figwort 30 grams, the root bark of the tree peony, fry jujube benevolence each 12 grams, core of the seed of Oriental arborvitae, lotus seed each 9 grams, water simmer in water takes daily potion.
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