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The tune is very little ulcer

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The tune is very little ulcer

The summer is burning hot, the person's irascibility compares flourishing, because this appears,increase somewhat when the patient of oral cavity ulcer is more seasonal than other also. And the experience that mentions oral cavity ulcer to be afraid a lot of people ever had had likeness: Appear in the mouth broken;burst;ulcerate;fester, still feel aching, and cicatrization not easily. Effect a radical cure because oral cavity ulcer is easy recrudesce, not easily just about, the remedial method of oral cavity ulcer also is " multifarious " , if some nutrient division advocate the patient absorbs vegetable fruit more, some nutrient division think oral cavity ulcer and individual patient food are lopsided however, the flesh kind absorb little about. Folk is to circulating more a lot of " folk prescription " .

According to Chinese medical university accessary Du Liyang of division of traditional Chinese medical science of the first hospital introduces, nowadays oral cavity ulcer already not pure the issue that nutrition be consideringed as lacks, mix however mental insecurity of the patient, life disorder, mood is impatient etc have very big concern. Accordingly, want to solve problem of oral cavity ulcer, either eat vegetable purely more or eat the meat more possible.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks the heart is lienal indigestion flourishing of hot, internal heat, lienal wet cause oral cavity ulcer possibly, because patient of ulcer of this oral cavity wants to notice to recuperate affection to send, do not want excessive work with one's mind or brains, alleviate as far as possible insecurity or impatient mood. Comfortable still can take medicaments at that time, chi Dan is OK clear internal heat, eliminate oral cavity ulcer, still can choose

The medicaments such as clear lienal bolus, ulcer is more serious still can choose a decoction of medicinal ingredients. In addition, ulcer of OK still and local use oral cavity comes loose, raise shade to give birth to flesh to come loose etc. If ulcer aches badly, still can appeal Western medicine, in local with anaesthetic, stick film to wait. Besides internal heat of mood adjustment, purify, outside using drug to disease, want to eat less on diet " hair content " .

The expert reminds, the pathogeny of oral cavity ulcer is more complex really, besides afore-mentioned elements, force of good wine, fatigue, immunity is reduced, the metropolis such as blister of oral cavity day, compressed moss causes oral cavity ulcer, and oral cavity cancer also can cause the problem such as strut of oral cavity ulcer, tongue.

Accordingly, want the anguish that solves oral cavity ulcer to bring, be about to be treated to disease. The expert suggests the patient had better see a doctor to the hospital, and not credulous folk prescription, be like ulcer of oral cavity of occurrence recrudesce sex, division of the section of oral cavity mucous membrane that had better reach normal hospital or dermatological department, nutrition sees a doctor, uncover pathogeny, right disease cure ability solves a problem.
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