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Combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine treat ulcer

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In the past, as a result of,the patient always thinks talking around gives birth to sore is " anger is great " cause, take antipyretic blindly so, wait like pink of Chinese rhubarb, snake, pearl powder, its are ulcer still breaks out repeatedly as a result. If empty of taste itself element person use cold antipyretic too, can cause damage of in relief gas instead. Now, intellectual structure of the patient is updated somewhat, know those who cause to unripe sore of some talking around is leucocyte is reduced again, take the Chinese traditional medicine that a few have elevatory leucocyte effect allegedly in great quantities so. But these medicine often are Wen Buzhi,taste, wait like glue of ginseng, antler, eat to be able to make bad temper phlogistic instead more on, aphtha relapses.

Leucocyte drops the Chinese traditional medicine that use what after all

Leucocyte reduces immunize force low, cause all sorts of sending easily disease is microbial inbreak, oral cavity mucous membrane above all be put into trouble, the place such as occurrence tongue face, gum, lip, amygdala;burst;ulcerate;festers broken, sometimes fester surface sees white orders state or piece shape Mei Ban. Ulcer often accompanies acuteness ache, the influence takes food, make a patient very painful. Serious when return assemble and give out heat, need to use antibiotic treatment, and can bring about leucocyte to fall again so to lower.

Clinical go up, leucocyte reduces the oral cavity ulcer that cause to hold concurrently with photograph of false or true see more, two empty are shade you gas this, inside wet poison accumulate, gloomy and change hot, fervent on attack the fact that it is unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease. Treat so on cannot blindly with a view to " elevatory leucocyte " , and should choose the beneficial such as ginseng of virgin soil, Huang Bai, rhizome of wind-weed, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf, the root bark of Chinese wolfberry, the root of remembranous milk vetch, prince gas raises; of fire of photograph of shade, clear have diarrhoea to hold concurrently heat up benefit with Qing Dynasty cool blood of fire of wet, have diarrhoea, choose Zhi of lotus of grass of tongue of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, snake, half branch, dandelion, the root bark of the tree peony, hill to wait. Taste deficient empty person, the person that can add deficiency of yang of kidney of; of the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes, yam, anthology add glue of cinnamonic, dodder, antler. Chinese traditional medicine is adj besides to be taken orally, will conduce to cankerous heal.

Clinical example

Pass the lady of the first month of 50, will relapse in April nearly talking around unripe sore, dizziness is lack of power, check blood to discover leucocyte decreases, medullary examination has nuclear cell to add the life to jump, EB virus shows masculine gender, take benefit blood alcohol of liver of glucoside of unripe, flesh, vitamin B4, shark is invalid. Division of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine sees its are low hot, 5 be perturbed are hot, pharynx is painful, little sleep, frequency of nocturnal frequent micturition, the tongue is qualitative fine number of thin be bored with of red, liver mosses, arteries and veins, differentiate card enrages shade deficient empty, the bend over inside heat of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, inside wet poison accumulate. Treat gas drafting increase to raise shade, clear hot advantage is wet, help up exorcise photograph is united in wedlock. Square medicine treats 3 months, leucocyte rises apparently, delicacy of oral cavity ulcer has happen.
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