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Guttural piece easy cause ulcer

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Professor Chen says hospital of Guangdong province people, he once had examined a patient, have chronic pharyngitis, feel oral cavity is unwell, patient oneself buy larynx from drugstore piece contain feed, and complementary feed with antibiosis white clothing, guttural gall is unusual one week later, must have urgent treatment to the hospital. The doctor discovers he is whole pharynx ministry spreads all over fungus, mucous membrane damaged, whole oral cavity already fester, the situation is very bad.

Director Chen explains, the patient is taken feed larynx piece hind it is certain to itch to pharynx and larynx painful symptom has really alleviate, but take for a long time feed, in order to feed acting medical service, do not have a thing to also use its when sweet even, harmful instead and profitless. A lot of larynx piece in contain minim antibiotic or Chinese traditional medicine composition, through its bacteriostasis alleviates guttural symptom, but once excessive is taken,feed can kill oral cavity bacterium in great quantities, and oral cavity interior becomes fungus naturally, bacterium and fungus are restricted evenly each other, once in-house balance is maladjusted, fungus can run rampant, cause fungus infection, use for a long time will bring about bacterium more group maladjusted, form serious oral cavity illness.

Expert proposal, pharynx and larynx is urticant painful when OK and right amount take feed larynx piece, but must not depend on overly, answer because of the guttural problem that the disease poses timely seek medical advice, comply with doctor's advice.

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