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The bosom friend tells the other square can conquer ulcer

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Oral cavity ulcer is very common disease. Occasionally, as a result of life rhythm change or the change of climate environment, in casual can appear oral cavity ulcer. Although almost everybody has gotten this kind of disease, but very few however person has comprehensive knowledge to its.

The pathogeny of oral cavity ulcer

Current, the exact pathogeny of oral cavity ulcer is not very clear. The likelihood is concerned with a variety of elements, have commonly:

(1) spirit element. Increase when pressure or when spirit is nervous, cause oral cavity ulcer easily.

(2) organizes injury. For example: Bite mucous membrane of oral cavity sidewall not carefully, use unqualified tooth is covered or be waited for by food scratch.

(3) immunity element. Immune ability is abate or immune system appears to be able to cause oral cavity ulcer unusually. Certain immunity disease also is the prime criminal of oral cavity ulcer, for example: Crohn's disease.

(4) vitamin B-12 is lacked.

(5) affects a factor.

(6) certain pharmaceuticals. Be not steriod for example kind medicaments.

The symptom of oral cavity ulcer

When oral cavity ulcer, can feel oral cavity wall is aching. Have a thing, especially acidity thing, the symptom will be more serious. Open the mouth, the position that can see ulcer shows white circle. When appearing to be affected badly, still can appear calorific lymph node enlargement of the week outside mixing.

The cure of oral cavity ulcer

After ulcer of major population antrum, be in 1 to heal of nature of the metropolis inside 2 weeks. If cankerous place is aching and bigger, fierce,perhaps have have a fever when waiting for a symptom, need sees a doctor to the hospital. Give priority to with be being treated to disease commonly, the purpose basically is reduce ache or reduce recrudescent number.

What need reminds is, the ulcer that the prolonged inside oral cavity does not heal, because often get the stimulation of masticatory, conversation, with the passing of time can produce canceration likely also. Be in especially those place that contact with the tooth, be like the tooth of the remaining damaged that existing to did not pull out, the false tooth that perhaps adorns is made improper, its are keen the brim is stimulated ceaselessly, blow defeated mucous membrane, generation ulcer, be like not purify stimulates an element, ulcer not only won't heal, return meeting day to be weighed increasingly. The ulcer that this kind of prolonged does not heal, also be damage of the disease before a kind of cancer likely, extremely easy canceration. If you often suffer from,have the word of oral cavity ulcer, note afore-mentioned problem with respect to need.

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