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Darling gets ulcer do how

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After darling happening oral cavity ulcer cries be troubled by when keeping, you can try below a few methods. (But these pass much square test and verify oh, it is easier that you can choose feasible perhaps)

Find cankerous place: When darling oral cavity has ulcer, want to observe the oral cavity of darling carefully, find specific place of ulcer. If ulcer is in place of buccal mucous membrane, be about to find the reason that causes ulcer further: See the tooth near affected part whether have the gap with not smooth acuteness for instance, if have this kind of gap, ought to take darling to go to a hospital handling.

Dietary analgesia: Do not eat acerbity, hot or salty food to darling, otherwise the cankerous place of darling will be more painful. Ought to eat to darling stream feed, in order to reduce ache, also be helpful for the heal that ulcer is in.

Prescind force: Care darling more, mix more darling confabulate, divert his attention, create a relaxed, happy surroundings to darling.

In addition, still a few small folk prescription can promote darling ulcer heal, father mother mights as well try:

1-2 of pill of 1 vitamin C piece crunch, scatter on cankerous face, let darling shut buccal moment, daily 2. Although this method is very effective, but can cause certain ache, little baby may not quite cooperate.

2 with whole milk powder, every time 1 soup Wei adds a few white sugar, with boiled water take medicine with water, everyday 2-3 second, face result of the take medicine with water before sleeping optimal. Take ulcer of 2 Queen of heaven to be able to disappear normally.

3 watermelon flesh is contained in the mouth after crowded juice extraction melon, about 2-3 swallows after minute, contain again serve watermelon juice, relapse several times, everyday 2-3 second.

4 eggs infiltrate mix inside the bowl mushy, gram is right amount put immerse many minutes 10 with cold water inside the terrine, incendiary on boil makes an appointment with 2 minutes (should not be long the) that boil, at this moment gram is unbaked, take gram water strong frangipani is drinkable, daily time each 1.

Leaf of the 5 banana that collect delicacy is right amount, with fire its the heat that bake sticks apply to be in at oral cavity ulcer, daily 2-3 second.

The row cuts 6 tomato crowded juice, contain tomato juice in the mouth next, contain several minutes every time, a day for many times.

Frost extraction persimmon is blown on 7 dried persimmon, in use boiled water take medicine with water or joining congee, take.

Small stick person

The cankerous symptom of some darling can have a relapse instead, to this circumstance, to darling proper Piao Xin can improve somewhat. Zinc is in muscle red protein content is highest, beef, pork, animal is for instance hepatic, still have hard nut, dan Baobao cannot eat hard nut, father mother is OK nut pulverize, strong bubble is drunk to darling.
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