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Stretch the mouth to be able to know healthy condition of the whole body

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Like before the mouth that opens you resembles opening your car occasionally, be being built, adept expert wants fast to be able to know where give an issue only, where is not bad good, and the oral cavity condition that what they know is you not just how, it is normal to whether can still run from whole body of oral cavity peek.

Tooth and gum can show an issue most, dental caries, gum disease at the same time rampant word, clew is heart disease likely extremely diabetic perhaps, and the expression that the tooth that become loose may be osteoporosis.

Systemic system the disease of 90% above, for instance heart disease can get clue in oral cavity, dentist people often discover connection between oral cavity health and systemic health. Can be in to the major disease of toe from the tooth oral cavity peek one spot, the knowledge inside this is worth to learn well. So now, sit down comfortably, loosen, magnify mouth, the connection between the oral cavity that you should master and whole body is below.

Oral cavity health and diabetic

Gum bleeds, mouth is dry, mould fungus is affected, ulcer -- these common oral cavity symptoms may mean serious systemic illness: Diabetic. Other nevertheless and serious illness also can appear like leukaemia and AIDS problems of afore-mentioned identical oral cavity.

"Diabetic it is at present place knows the commonnest, the disease that has immediate effect to tooth body and infection of tooth week organization " , tooth surgery doctor, li of Shan of adviser of consumer of American dentist association. Kelaimu (Sally Cram) says.

The other position of the blood sugar level in diabetic oral cavity and body is same, if your blood sugar level does not know next losing to he has diabetic case in you,control, so same, medium blood sugar level also meets your oral cavity to lose control likewise. Candy is best education base, the bacterium can regard your mouth as a bed of down, grow over progenitive and exuberant. The bacterium can invade the enamel with dental solid surface, as the elapse of time, after enamel is destroyed, dental caries appeared -- dental caries is diabetic the commonnest dentistry symptom.

One suffers from diabetic person to more oral cavity problems need concern: Without pilot diabetic the first line of defence that destroying body resistance to affect -- leucocyte -- hind, the patient's oral cavity begins to lie of the bacterium in surrounding. The bacterium that obtains rich nutrition from blood sugar place builds up it is all round gum, the occurrence of periodontosis and gum disease is sooner or later thing.

Unfortunate is, because diabetic the capacity that reduced people resistance to affect, disease of week of tooth of diabetic person control is not an easy thing.

"If you have diabetic, have tooth week disease again, for the body and dental consider, must dominate blood sugar " , kelaimu says.
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