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Larynx piece cannot take casually

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Autumn, a lot of people can feel the mouth does glossal dry, every time right now, some people can take a few wet one's whistle piece, perhaps drink some of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb kind the medicaments of moist pharynx and larynx. The expert reminds: Cannot excessive takes drug of wet one's whistle.

Wet one's whistle piece it is medicaments of clinical and commonly used antiphlogistic wet one's whistle, containing take wet one's whistle piece before should read a manual in detail, understand its to get used to card, note and no-no disease. Some wet one's whistle piece contain iodic element, active is big, antiseptic force is powerful, afterbirth of progenitive to the bacterium body, bud and fungus have good antiseptic with bacteriostasis, but what organize to oral cavity mucous membrane is excitant very big, unfavorable and long-term contain take. Additional, allergy having iodine history or be pregnant, the woman of lactation all cannot be contained take.

Additional, the wet one's whistle that contain iodine piece cannot take together with the 6 gods pill that contains Zhu Sha, because of Zhu Sha medium diatomic mercury can be united in wedlock with iodine, form iodine to change mercury kind poisonous mercury salt precipitates, can bring about the medicaments sex enteritis of bare dysentery appearance. If guttural ministry does not have the excessive when apparent inflammation,take wet one's whistle piece, can restrain oral cavity and pharynx and larynx inside normal bacterium group grow, can disturbed buccal is immanent environment, cause bacterium group maladjusted, make do not send ill bacterium to get a change to step in originally, bring about disease happening.

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