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The information of Chinese doctor

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The littoral small town with scene charming and gentle, attractive picture hopes big city is located in Spanish north to compare this open a bay, it is a beautiful haven small town. The old friend that small town has mariner of a China -- foreign citizen of Chinese origin Mr Chen, always Chinese seagoing vessel comes this harbor, mr Chen be free can look to the boat certainly, "Person of close not close birthplace " , mr Chen says, body overseas, see the Five-Star Red Flag on the boat, resemble seeing dear father mother is same.

Mr Chen says this word is not to do not have former by, hope Madrid of capital of big city unlike, have a lot of Chinese, have Chinese ambassador a keeper of domestic animals, have a student studying abroad, have a trader. Hope big city is only family of overseas Chinese of 3 half Chinese, one is Mr Chen, one comes from Taiwan, another comes from Shenzhen, still half come from Hubei. What Hubei person comes is early, already entered senile range, cannot find Chinese woman to do wife in those days, get married with a woman marriage of place, gave birth to 3 children to be become mongrel.

Mr Chen comes from Guangxi, it is a doctor, in rare big be engaged in most accept people gay occupation, open clinic practise medicine. He should come be being visited on the boat is the family dispatchs, in all 6 people, have 4 children, 2 male 2 female, besides the old domestic area goes abroad, other 3 smally is born in place. We are in charge of them to make exceed unripe guerrilla, he said a word that allows us to recall a long time however: "Responsibility is major! "Responsibility is major!!

Spain is compared in European mainland and other country posture, with a vast territory of it may be said, but population is not much however, the whole nation shares thirty-nine million five hundred and fifty-one thousand person, the population of more peaceful than our country river province is little still 1.37 million, average every square kilometre is 128 people, its population density belongs to one of lowermost countries in Western Europe, the Norway of Europe of north of summary prep above and Sweden. On the history, spaish mouth growth is very slow from beginning to end, although arrived the Caesarean period with 16 powerful and prosperous centuries, spaish mouth also is less than 10 million. After entering 20 centuries, as corporeal standard of living raise the improvement with condition of medical treatment sanitation ceaselessly, population increase rate just has more apparent rise.

But, recently 30 come for years, because the family is traditional what habitual change and social viewpoint of value read aloud is newer, a lot of families are not born not to want the child even, human fertility is only 0.2% , growth is almost 0, quan Xihong city is only now population 260 thousand.

The government is to encourage on birth policy much more unripe, prepotent, mr Chen home gave birth to 4 children is a glorious thing, because he was social population growth to make contribution, according to promotive policy, he can take up a political career every months the Yo that 480 dollars get over there government office cost, namely every child 120 dollars, and proclaimed in writing stipulates this money is to give the child the mother. If be in home, that is close 3900 multivariate RMB, it is medium small town an officeholder the income of 2 months, but Mrs Chen said more if letting us indissoluble: "We abandoned this money actively, did not go getting. Did not go getting..
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