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Carbohydrate material can decompose dental calculus

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Japanese scientist reports, one kind when include in the food such as fruit, bishop calls Chi Zao the material of sugar alcohol, it is easy to can make dental calculus becomes decompose.

Unripe bacterium of the bacteria that brings about dental caries and beneficial is inside human body oral cavity " live together " , these with food drossy for the bacterium that feed ceaseless hyperplasia, pester together adherent go up in the tooth, form hard the dental calculus of purify, become the factor that causes dental caries and halitosis.

Well-known, saliva has the effect that restrains these bacterial hyperplasia, but among them detailed mechanism does not know for person place all the time. Scientist discovery, the fruit such as muskmelon, pear, and the soy, bishop bare alga candy that ferments food is contained is mellow, have and the effect with same saliva, can make the union between oral cavity bacterium becomes inattentive.

Experimental discovery, spray to dental calculus mellow aqueous solution of bare alga candy, next need not tooth brush cleans a tooth, be equivalent to tooth brush churning with strength only the ultrasonic of current contacts a tooth, dental calculus immediately flakes. And if do not spray mellow aqueous solution of bare alga candy, after the ultrasonic that uses coequal strength contacts a tooth, dental calculus quantity of remain can be 3 times former.

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