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Magical labial form weighs model

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Are you still in is the form that be a lip bad and pained? Adopt elaborate operation design, proper constituent shift, can weigh model semmetry, attractive lip configuration completely.

One, is the labial configuration that accords with aesthetic what kind of?

Labial configuration reachs heredity because of phyletic, age, sexual distinction and different, oriental is belonged to Mongoloid, the labial configuration difference with Euramerican white man and African black is very big, generally speaking, face bottom can be divided for labrum, labium, mandible 3 parts, 3 person of height than for 1: 1: 1. Labrum is to show labrum predestined relationship arrives by bazoo, labium caves to labium and mandible for labium upper edge () of mental lip channel, others is mandible. Judge labial configuration to answer from in light of ahead, flank:

Beautiful labrum looks from the front show segment of a circle, have the revolutionary edge of one semmetry, call Zhu Yuangong. The colour and lustre like Oriental red lip and Gong Yi of bright red predestined relationship is weaker, and outline smudginess, the article lip that we often mention is to solve the outline of red lip and colour and lustre to spend a question. There is a shallow channel in the middle of Zhu Yuangong, call philtrum, philtrum the red lip of lower part submits nodal form, weigh labial bead. A lot of congenital harelip and traumatic patient often lost normal philtrum and configuration of bend of bright red predestined relationship.

Look from flank, labrum relatively the pine is thin and labium is wide, and build gently on labium, slightly protuberant. The length of labrum (height) as pointed as bazoo height is similar, become 90 degrees of part with nose columella. Look from sexual distinction, male lip is thick and wide, female however with cabinet and Bao Weimei. Height of skin of grown man labrum is 2~2 about. 45 centimeters, female relatively millimeter of male low 2~4. When lip nature is loosened, the tooth is cut to show 2 millimeter only commonly in the middle of the upper jaw, part of coronal of the tooth when the smile appears, but had better not exceed the mouth when 2/3; is dormant to crack height (fluctuation lip clearance) do not exceed 3 millimeter. In addition, leading edge of nose root, labium and mandible leading edge should be on same perpendicular, and labrum leading edge is in this line ahead 3. 5 millimeter are in, labium leading edge (most the place before leaning) in this line ahead 2. 2 millimeter are in, can appear otherwise " the day includes the land " or " ground Bao Tian " phenomenon.

2, labial configuration not what does the reason of beautiful have?

Divide congenital deformation, if development of face of deformation of cleft palate of huge mouth disease, lip, half side is undesirable,reach a face to crack outside waiting for a reason, all sorts of transmissibility element, burn, traumatic operation reachs article lip to wait to all can create labial entity not beautiful.
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