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Beautiful tooth pen cannot multi-purpose

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Beautiful tooth pen cannot multi-purpose

Of big S " hairdressing king " the necessary book that makes lady love the United States for a time, do not have those who think of the book is medium to become beautiful recipe hides however the crisis. In the book, big S is recommended energetically to the reader " white pen of beauty of tooth of beautiful white instant " , so-called dental whiteness can let immaculate after using. But a few days ago, the branch investigates discovery however related Taiwan, this product may contain excessive cross oxidation hydrogen, use excessive, can cause a tooth to fall off.

   Be checked to cross oxidation hydrogen excessive

Relevant section points out, "White pen of beauty of tooth of beautiful white instant " enter Taiwan market namely without be in charge of mechanism to approve, and the likelihood contains what common weighs hydrogen peroxide solution to spend oxidation hydrogen part, on the product not indicative however. Press a regulation, cross oxidation hydrogen scale to answer to must not exceed 60% , but this product place contains scale to did not indicate. And, the businessman still alleges by oneself Dai Yan of actor big S is recommended. Relevant section thinks, afore-mentioned behavior already violated cosmetic sanitation regulation, check then buckled 800 " white pen of beauty of tooth of beautiful white instant " and " Ju Jiamei white glue " etc article. Explain according to local businessman, violate an entrance from the United States since 2003 these products peddle carry out. Handle a case personnel expresses, the things of this kind of beautiful white tooth, if excessive has used oxidation hydrogen, will make the tooth organizes damage, have tooth of cold hot food gently unwell, occurrence tooth acid, tooth bilges, toothache symptom, can bring about a tooth to fall off again.

   Sell on the net still fervent

This kind of beautiful white pen that big S recommends strongly in the book, although cannot be bought inside outback bazaar, product of superhigh of person energy of life is however on the network nevertheless.

On Baidu one search, appear immediately the website of a few sale. The reporter is in naughty see on the website such as treasure, small shop of not little network is in sell white pen of beauty of this kind of tooth. Each inn made the advertisement sign of absorbing eyeball: "Of Jian of strong thrust of hairdressing king big S oh! " reporter discovery, yesterday, already individual netizen knew to should taste the information that is examined, some websites already tasted this remove. The reporter sees, had used the incessantly of netizen complain of suffering of this product not less: "Ah! ! So serious? Star recommends also have a problem? " the gens love the United States that also a few do not know a condition still leaves a message to merchant, hope to buy.
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