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Expert: The malpractice of electric toothbrush

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Be called " dawdler tooth brush " electric toothbrush, more and more be welcomed by the youth. But Dong Wen of doctor of vice director of division of dental pulp of body of tooth of Beijing stomatological hospital is compared to electric toothbrush " desolate " .

Doctor Dong says, electric toothbrush is through rotating quickly, make brush a head to produce high frequency vibration, the instant decomposes toothpaste subtle bubble to come clean tooth.

This kind of mode of operation lets electric toothbrush have cannot charge a sex, namely direction, strength is beforehand of set, cannot operate artificially.

For instance, dental irregular person, electric toothbrush cannot is opposite scrub of key of a certain area, it always is a direction rotates in dental surface clean, some teeth clearance is not brushed.

Of electric toothbrush brush a head to slant hard, use a likelihood for a long time to injure gum, and the tooth with a few flimsier quality of a material cannot bear at all of electric toothbrush rotate strength, to the person with flimsy gum, the doctor consults even before using.

Accordingly, doctor Dong suggests to use dynamoelectric tooth not for a long time, especially children defense ability is weaker, had better not use dynamoelectric tooth brush.

If you already bought electric toothbrush, but will both use alternately, but still should move tooth brush to give priority to with the hand, a week but now and then use 2 ~ 3 times electric toothbrush.

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