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Toothpaste or mouthwash 5 Big Mistakes teeth cleaning

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1, electric toothbrushes clean better than ordinary toothbrushes.

× wrong. Although the electric toothbrush brush head design is more conducive to effective cleaning teeth, but the price is expensive than ordinary toothbrushes. According to experts, both on the efficacy of cleaning teeth, and no difference.

2, whitening toothpastes can make teeth more beautiful.

× wrong. Experts remind that, in general, should avoid the use of whitening toothpaste, whitening toothpaste because of long-term use will become rough surface of the teeth, so teeth stain more easily deposited on the tooth surface. Want to strengthen the protection of the teeth, you can choose with anti-plaque or anti-plaque toothpaste composition. With fluoride toothpaste can be effective in preventing tooth decay.

3, the weight of toothpaste when brushing your teeth better.

× wrong. Brush their teeth twice a day morning and evening according to the frequency of brushing teeth every time it takes a sufficient amount of Lidou like.

4, free to use mouthwash.

× wrong. For most people, if every day clean the teeth thoroughly with toothpaste, mouthwash does not need to re-use. Inhibition of dental plaque with the efficacy of mouthwash instead of brushing your teeth, but must be used under the guidance of the dentist.

5, the dental floss to clean teeth is negligible.

× wrong. Chinese people do not seem to flossing habits. In fact, the use of dental floss between the teeth to effectively remove dental plaque adjacent surfaces. Dental floss can be divided into two kinds of wax and no wax. Comparison of dental floss coated with wax lubrication, easy to slip into the teeth, suitable for beginners to use.

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