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It is OK to have gargle water elliptically tooth brush?

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Burning hot summer lets person be agitated, get angry easily, to see hot weather total meeting has a lot of fruits and cold drink, this poses problem of a few oral cavity easily. Accordingly, partial youth begins to use relatively convenient gargle saliva, some replaced some former brushing one's teeth to be used to even, can the gargle saliva of tooth of protection of pure and fresh tone is getting the favour of increasing person.

   The saliva that use gargle is convenient comfortable suffer a youth to favor quite

The liquid with transparent blue, sending out blast a field mint faint scent, writing on outer packing " oral cavity eliminates bacterium, effective precaution and spot of purify tooth bacterium " , " purify tone, beautiful white tooth, protect tine except dirty " ... the reporter sees there is water of ten kinds of gargles on goods shelves in Qu Chen, pack elegantly look very inviting. Look from composition watch, these gargle contain fluorine to spend the part such as sodium mostly in water, use method is very simple, gargle is spat after 60 seconds can, this and the time appearance that brush his teeth 3 minutes two are briefer than wanting much.

The reporter encountered the Xiaozhou that shopping. She says, she comes one year already nurturance a habit: Gargle water gargle can be used after have dinner every time. Come down for a long time, feel to use tooth of gargle water cleanness to go to the lavatory than brushing one's teeth quick much, get up in the morning occasionally late, replace with respect to the saliva that use gargle brush one's teeth. The salesman of Qu Chen expresses, those who buy gargle water is a youth mostly, a lot of people feel " after oral cavity of cleanness of the saliva that use gargle, in the mouth very clean, odour is very pure and fresh, and go to the lavatory again, more comfortable than brushing one's teeth.

   The gargle saliva bases that sells on market is oral cavity pure and fresh agent

Main component is gargle saliva of home now two kinds big, one kind is to medication of the gender, use at assisting ulcer of remedial tooth gingivitis, periodontosis, oral cavity to wait for stomatitis disease, water of this kind of gargle is allocated independently by professional doctor, basically be aimed at outpatient to use. For example patient of oral cavity ulcer, the doctor can allocate the gargle saliva that joins drug class status technically, ache can be reduced temporarily when letting a patient take food. To just finishing the patient of the operation, can use the gargle saliva that joins venom of disappear of iodic bend over, have antiseptic effect.

Another kind is sanitarian sex. Water of sanitarian sex gargle can the food inside eliminate oral cavity is residual with partial soft dirty, can reduce the amount of the bacterium inside oral cavity temporarily. Its bases is oral cavity pure and fresh agent, the effect of similar chewing gum. The gargle saliva that sells in bazaar or supermarket generally speaking is this kind of product.
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