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Wash a tooth to also have dark one side

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Dental color and individual constitution (include heredity and individual health state) matter with surroundings (include food, air, water quality) ; Not be the tooth has been jumped over in vain more, it ought to be an original without the person condition of undesirable habits and customs primary colors, some people are former white, some people have bit of hair to fizzle out, if must be used,blanch wait for a method to make a tooth whiten, if want,bleach the black's skin, like turning person of the yellow race into black argument, can be " of do sth over and over again of a kind of " , the energy with much membership due and money and the health that goes against dental itself.

Washing a tooth have profit for calculous to having a tooth person, but also not also commonly used, commonly used meeting destroys buccal environment.

Washing a tooth is a kind professional very powerful technology works, in the stomatological hospital medical personnel uses a hand to move appliance to wash a tooth, need 3 hours left and right sides, use machine of ultrasonic clean tooth to wash a tooth namely, also need left and right sides of a hour.

And mirror according to the patient, the tooth is washed in certain dentistry clinic or beauty parlour, need only 10 come minute. Carry out a proof, the tooth is washed in not normal place, have very great harm.

The first, only cleared the dental calculus that looks so that see, and the dental calculus that stayed to send the depth with ill the most powerful effect, the purpose of periodontosis of short of prevention and cure.

The 2nd, attaint gum, when giving tooth root to be being exposed after cleared dental calculus especially cannot undertake farther major is treated in time, bring about a patient to be borne hard sorely not only, return the illness of aggravating periodontosis.

The 3rd, cause extremely easily hand in infection, bring not due regret to people. So, want discreet alternative to washing the location of the tooth, the public health worker that should seek a course to groom strictly to normal hospital will wash a tooth for you

  The disadvantage that washs a tooth 1, The first time the patient that washs a tooth can raise such question more: Wash a tooth to you can make the tooth is worn away? Can make slit between the teeth broadens, does the tooth become become loose?

Want to know the principle that washs a tooth and effect only, such psychological pressure nature is able to eliminate. The medical term that washs a tooth is " the clean on gum is treated " , it is to make dental calculus soft dirty keeps clear of from tooth face and dental filling or repair substance appearance the unit process of cargo bandling that come down.

   The disadvantage that washs a tooth 2, Dental calculus is the main factor that causes caries disease and periodontosis, accordingly the clean on gum orders the important step that is periodontosis of precautionary caries disease, it is the foundation that treats periodontosis.
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