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Wash a tooth to be able to prevent periodontosis regularly

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Dental caries (namely tooth of eat by moth) reach gingivitis (periodontosis) it is the commonnest two kinds in oral cavity disease. Because remain in food,dental caries is fecal, bacterium, saliva is formed in oral cavity extremely agglutinant strong tine bacterium spot (tooth velum) , gather in tooth and gum brim all around, candy time-sharing should be contained in oral cavity, both meeting is aggregate and generation is acidity, erode dental enamel thereby. If this kind of acidity condition lasts ceaselessly, the ganoid final meeting of dental surface forms small hole by corrosion, form dental caries finally.

And because age,gingivitis also is spot bacterium be caused by, it gathers in gum all round, stimulate gum, make the join part of tooth and tooth root loose, contract as a result of tooth root and form aperture, tine spot bacterium is in this breeding ground develop, cause a tooth to shake a phenomenon. This is the earlier diagnostic of periodontosis, can have tooth flesh haemorrhage, red, aching aching and limp at this moment, and have bad breath.

Washing a tooth is the most commonly used method that treats slight periodontosis. The periodontosis with slight if cannot get remedial word, gum of can farther enroach on forms tooth week film tooth week bag (bursa hole) , velum meets dental calculus and tooth build up inside tooth bag, may appear at this moment tooth flesh unripe sore, strut, suppurate, tooth of as a result becomes loose, the case is severe person can make a tooth complete below in good condition nondestructive fall off.

Dentist points out, asian the case that has periodontosis relatively Hesperian is serious, this is often ignore the value that washs a tooth by them, because this makes very easily originally the tooth with slight circumstance suffers from, evolve to be periodontosis, accordingly he suggests to should wash a tooth regularly.

As to the problem of tooth of eat by moth, the parent reachs school side, should the dental health problem of child of attention of as soon as possible, ease problem of tooth of eat by moth as far as possible.


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