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Wash a tooth to be able to become too much " the tooth does not have block "

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A snow-white and smooth tooth lets a lot of people envy, so a lot of people can go a hospital or beauty parlour washs a tooth. But wash a tooth to cross frequency, the effect can be just the opposite to what one wished. Yesterday, the outpatient service that visits a stomatological hospital will wash a tooth not less to bring about dental metabolic patient too much, the tooth becomes loose, slit between the teeth is bigger and bigger.

   Half an year is washed to a year the most appropriate

Pass tooth of fixed ground clean, not only can keep clear of thoroughly tooth stone, splash and oneself cannot the place that cleanness reachs, organization of your tooth week keeps healthy, washing a tooth at the same time also is the significant step that treats gum haemorrhage.

But Head Zhang Kai that visits a stomatological hospital thinks, washing a tooth is not to the more the better, removed cycle shoulds not be too short, 6 months are washed to a year enough, lest have caustic tooth.

Because the dental calculus between slit between the teeth was washed, the meeting after washing a tooth so feels slit between the teeth is bigger, but later the tooth can grow slowly neat, these small seam cram to do not have.

If too too frequent, the ego that exceeded a tooth gets used to cycle, turn slit between the teeth into bounty. Additional, those who use ultrasonic those who shake stone of the tooth bacterium spot that hits broken tooth surface, tooth, pigment is supersonic the law that wash a tooth, broach hardness of the contact also has very much exquisite, inside short time for many times too if crossing vigorously stroke tooth, can the loss outweights the gain instead.

   Wash a tooth to also have a few notes

Resemble oral cavity ulcer and the person that have gum inflammation, cannot accept gush arenaceous wash a tooth. Contract disease of courage and uprightness, if plaque reduces disease patient, leukaemia patient, must choose to wash the time of the tooth cautiously, lest wash the haemorrhage when the tooth more than, pregnant woman (be pregnant especially early days) had better not wash a tooth. Director Zhang specially admonishs, wash a tooth to want to prevent to affect especially.

A lot of people worry to AIDS is contracted through saliva when washing a tooth, what Director Zhang says this does not have any fear is necessary, it is second liver, tuberculosis, want how long a heart, if the instrument does not have complete disinfection, the bacteria can survive occasionally very long period of time is affected come. The person that Director Zhang suggests to wash a tooth should select normal dentistry clinic and stomatological hospital, it is OK that not informal falling tone says the United States' white beauty parlour.


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