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Let a tooth also become drip for nothing

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The influence of not little person because of caries caustic, traumatic, food, medicaments, dental configuration and colour and lustre produced change. The appearance of this serious effect patient is beautiful, can affect social activity of the patient then, can cause psychogenic disorder even, the patient should go as early as possible dentist seeks a help then. To certain tooth color unusual, can restore normal color of the tooth through blanched method. But blanched effect is become angry by the tooth time, tooth age, become angry reason the limitation that wait. Generally speaking, become angry time is longer, blanch the effect to jump over difference, tooth age is bigger, blanch more not easily also. The dye that body of tooth of metallic ion infiltration causes is blanched very hard.

The methodological cent that the tooth blanchs is inside blanch two kinds are blanched outside mixing. Just as its name implies is being blanched inside is bleacher park tooth interior has blanching cure, the effect is relatively apparent. Its are the biggest defect is to should injure tooth body, before cure need pulls out tooth nerve does a root to rule cure. If the root is filled,do not join closely, the meeting after cure causes needle of medicaments sex root Zhou Yan. In addition, cure is blanched to still have inside again chromatic with the tooth two big complication are absorbed outside the neck. Again chromatic lengthen and increase what let time gradually, and blanch harder and harder, happen possibly again chromatic. The tooth is cervical outside absorb, constituent happening draws the tooth put oneself in another's position that approachs tooth neck point namely, if appear,this sends disease along with all the others, can pull out the tooth only. The method that blanchs outside is bleacher park tooth the surface has blanching. Although its curative effect is inferior to inside blanch fast, ideal, and patient of the part after cure can appear the symptom such as dental ache and cold hot allergy. But its largest dominant position depends on can withholding tooth nerve, undertake below the circumstance that does not injure tooth body. Day of the 2~3 after hypersensitive shape is stopping treatment can disappear by oneself.

Before of the tooth blanch cure to need to be operated by dentist to the hospital, further consultation with a doctor of general 1~3 day, it is a period of treatment 3 times, take time arduous. 90 time rise, domestic and international arisen one kind is called family expenses to blanch (Home Bleaching) method, namely the patient is blanched in the ego in the home, relatively convenient. Outside planting, it is blanched namely actually. Because bleacher density is low, stimulation is small, the patient can bring back the proper motion in the home to use. Remedial method is very simple also, should be in only dentist there take a model, it is you by dentist tailor-made a pair of tooth is covered, cover bleacher buy into the tooth again, in taking the entrance can. Everyday 6~8 hour. It is OK to be like occurrence allergy symptom out of service.
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