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Does the meeting that wash a tooth affect second liver

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Wash the tooth, Wen Mei, hole that play side to be infected possibly also on hepatitis, when the expert that Nanjing city disease controls a center reported liver of Nanjing city second to send ill case yesterday, disclose, hairdressing of a few epinosic, lifestyle causes second liver infection possibly, this also is these year a reason that will grow up to be inbreaked by second liver virus again and again. Nanjing city disease accuses a center to prepare to issue an announcement this month, proposal not vaccinal or not the grow upping that whole journey have an inoculation passes second liver vaccine, liver of seasonable and vaccinal second is vaccinal.

   Wash a tooth, acquire second liver virus

  Female undergraduate Xiao Ling (alias) wash a tooth to a clinic, did not think of to wash a tooth this to let her infection go up second liver virus. After washing a tooth before long, she appeared to have a fever, do not want to have a meal, the symptom such as disgusting vomiting, went to a hospital to be checked, she discovers she got acute second liver actually amazedly. Oneself liver function, liver is normal before the examination of two half-and-half, parental not be the person that second liver virus is carried, oneself also do not have the likelihood of genetic second liver, how can you get second liver suddenly? Through Nanjing city the doctor analysis of the 2nd hospital is diagnosed, she this ability memory rises, the likelihood washs a tooth that namely, let her contract the second liver virus that got on this to need all one's life to carry.

The expert says, the transmission way of second liver includes mother baby transmission, blood transmission, gender transmission, hairdressing of a few epinosic, lifestyle causes second liver infection possibly, for instance all sorts of appliance use hairdressing trade repeatedly, disinfection is lax give hepatitis virus an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage, because wash the infection such as the eyebrow of tooth, article, hole that play side,the case of second liver appears from time to tome.

   Received a reply last year liver of many 800 second

"2007, nanjing receives the hepatitis patient of the newspaper to be 1525, among them second liver patient is occupied 55.61% , have many 800. " Li Jiequan of director of center of control of precaution of Nanjing city disease introduced yesterday, 10 years ago, of hepatitis of sex of Nanjing city virus come on ever ranked Jia Yi kind first of contagion, second liver comes on those who occupy hepatitis of whole virus sex to come on 60% the left and right sides. Come for years, nanjing city takes integrated step, control the transmission of second liver and popularity actively, the hepatitis incidence of a disease of Nanjing dropped than 2006 2007 18.48% . But the situation of prevention and cure of second liver still austere, infection of adult second liver is led all the time on the high side, jiangsu saves the data that wholesome hall publishs to show, the antigen of second liver surface of Jiangsu person is carried rate for 4.88% , philtrum of every 20 Jiangsu has is the person that second liver virus is carried. Statistical discovery, arrived 1997 2007, nanjing reports in all second liver 16367, 58.63% what hepatitis of the noxiousness that take disease counts, second liver comes on the age is formed basically is adult.
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