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About washing the error of the tooth

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Wash a tooth to hurt a tooth? Brush his teeth to need not wash a tooth? Who can wash a tooth? Be wrong!

"Wash a tooth? Grind what get again again, can hurt a tooth! Can hurt a tooth!!

"Wash a tooth to bleed every time, after me but dare not wash. After me but dare not wash..

"I brush my teeth very carefully usually, be still necessary to wash a tooth? Be still necessary to wash a tooth??


Consulting room of VIP of accessary stomatological hospital thanks college of medicine of oral cavity of Zhongshan university brilliance arms advocate treat a doctor to say to the reporter, the idea that wash a tooth has been accepted gradually, but still discover if wash a tooth to hurt a tooth,many patients still exist to washing a tooth in outpatient service, washing a tooth is a lot of misunderstanding such as beautiful white tooth.

The error brushs his teeth to need not wash a tooth

Expert: Brush one's teeth, it is good to wash a tooth to want to do

Misunderstanding: Common a day of 1-2 second brush one's teeth, brush his teeth 3 minutes or so every time, brush one's teeth do reached the designated position, need not wash a tooth? Solving: Brush one's teeth and wash a tooth to should want to had been done. Brushing one's teeth is oral cavity the important method that daily individual nurses, but not be everybody can dental inside and outside clean down, the position of slit between the teeth is more difficult clean down, did not use the person that dental floss is used to especially, of the tooth " rubbish " the meeting is very much. In addition, although brushed a tooth, used dental floss, a lot of bacteria also can adhere to tooth bacterium spot is formed in dental surface and slit between the teeth, wash tooth ability to keep clear of thoroughly only.

Error 2 washing a tooth is grind one's teeth

Expert: Dental calculus is be being broken by shake is not molar

Misunderstanding: Goosefoot young lady pays attention to individual figure very much, know to wash a tooth to be able to prevent tooth disease, but she asks: "Washing a tooth is grind one's teeth, annual, is my tooth very easy sodden? Is my tooth very easy sodden??

Solving: Xie Bing advocate treat a doctor to tell a reporter, washing what the tooth uses is ultrasonic appearance, because can give out what similar tooth gets " Zhi Zhi " sound, the patient often thinks washing a tooth is to get tooth, indulge in idle talk. And actually, the principle that washs a tooth is to use ultrasonic shake broken dental calculus, be not grind dental calculus, because this is right,dental itself does not have harm.

3 slit between the teeth wash the error more bigger

Expert: It is periodontosis lets slit between the teeth broaden

Misunderstanding: "After washing a tooth every time, discover slit between the teeth greatened! " look at the oneself just washed that row tooth in the mirror, brief gentleman asks a doctor questioningly.
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