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Process of evolution of normal tooth body

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The animal is in long-term evolution process, live to get used to the change with constant surroundings to reach the need that the environment admits, departmental organ undertook the body change accordingly. Chew especially organ, , as a result of origin of v/arc general affairs. The change of sort and property. Its shape structure and functional character are met incline to and all sorts of when feeding habits photograph suits, make thereby of the animal live continuance gets assuring.

In the process that the tooth is getting used to surroundings and changes for a long time as a whole, from elementary arrive advanced, from arrive simply complex, have the change of the following respects:

One, the amount of the tooth arrives from how little.

2, the configuration of the tooth the abnormity tooth that from onefold cone isomorphic tooth development is different pattern.

3, of the tooth distributing by distributing extensively to jaw to fluctuation to confine bone.

4, tooth row is listed to double tooth from Duoyalie.

5, adherent method gives birth to a tooth by end, side gives birth to a tooth to groove to give birth to a tooth.

6, tooth root from do not have have.

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