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Standard of amount of old person tooth

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Dental caries is more than the patent that is children, the old person also is met " pest tooth " .

Dental caries is more than the patent that is children, the old person also is met " pest tooth " . On June 26, ministry of Public Health releases a message to say, " findings report of epidemiology of health of oral cavity of the 3rd whole nation " show, drop to be compared with rate of sicken of dental caries of the children before school age, pupil, rate of sicken of dental caries of the old people in our country still shows ascendant trend, be as high as 98.4% .

This report shows, be in our country 35 years old ― 44 years old of ages paragraph in the crowd, rate sufferring from caries is 88.1% , rate of root caries sicken is 32.7% . The oral cavity problem of old people is more serious. 65 years old of ― that are being investigated in crowd of 74 years old, rate sufferring from caries is as high as 98.4% , root caries sicken leads one times be middleaged person almost, achieved 63.6% , this age paragraph of the crowd leave tooth number on average to be 20.97 (normal person has 28 to arrive 32 teeth) .

"The reason of dental caries of the old people in causing basically is a bacterium. " Wang Jiade of professor of division of dental pulp of body of tooth of Beijing University stomatological hospital tells " life times " reporter, especially old people, they often notice to oral cavity sanitation insufficient, go up easily because of the bacterium is caused and sufferring from dental caries.

Wang Jiade expresses, from which year begin, 3 adults suffer from went up root caries, this follows gum atrophy relevant. "The person does not produce gum atrophy suddenly to senile ability, however the process that an advance gradually develops. " grow as the age, the person's gum can appear shrink back, cause the tooth root with cervical tooth to expose in oral cavity, tooth bacterium spot adheres to easily go up in root face, cause a caries.

According to customary standard, the old person of 65 years old of above should stay have 20 functions tooth, can chew normally namely alimental tooth, do not include to shake a tooth. And this investigation shows, the number wearing a tooth of this crowd also is controlled in 20, but be not all it is functional tooth.

Accordingly, care tooth, maintaining oral cavity health is everybody do surely " homework " . When did Wang Jiade give out to suggest: 1, insist to brush his teeth correctly habit. Hold to everyday morning and evening brushs tooth; to use; of the toothpaste that contain fluorine to want to stand slowly down direction of slit between the teeth each brush, do not want horizontal stroke of ground of type of be locked in a seesaw struggle to brush; to brush his teeth every time should assure 3 minutes, can rise to massage the action of gum. 2, use dental floss. After taking food, if food is residual,embed in slit between the teeth, applied dental floss and toothpick are cleared. 3, the xylose mellow chewing gum of masticatory precaution dental caries, or often knock at tine. 4, every half an year goes to a hospital checking to 1 year, appeared especially the toothache when painful or gum haemorrhage, cold heat is masticatory, hospital go to a doctor should go on the horse.
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