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Make darling complete leave nipple

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Make darling complete leave nipple

Face darling mouth in closely the nipple that bite into does not put, it is difficult that had you made? Really, to little baby, give up nipple is a long-term seesaw battle really, boycott is unavoidable, parents often is cut because of fondling heart, be overcome of darling cry be troubled by, go to nipple replace again in at the last gasp in the hand of darling, little imagine, because,be of parent volition not sturdy, be this is planted " break and regain " it is more and more difficult to just bring about give up nipple. It is 5 kinds of meanses that Zhu Shiming's doctor provides below, the hope can have much help to you.

   Subtle move 1: Cause darling to use the interest of the cup

Prepare a few different cups more, ask colourful, design is lovely, can increase the stimulation that goes up to darling vision and touch on one hand, can draw the attention of darling on one hand, cause him to want him to use the interest of the cup.

   Subtle move 2: The use time of drop off nipple

Can be in at the beginning nipple of the disuse when eating 3 food, next again the number that drop off nipple uses, every time the time of out of service at the beginning with 15 ~ 30 minutes advisable, after waiting for darling to suit a little, extend the time of nipple of out of service slowly again.

   Subtle move 3: Solve sleep difficult problem

Some darling must want absorb nipple to just go when sleep, such parents can take away nipple after darling falls asleep, if darling appears the phenomenon of absorb finger, mom can hold the little hand of darling, maintain his safe sense, the toy that perhaps lets darling taking his to like most falls asleep.

   Subtle move 4: Use study cup more

According to the child the phase of growing development asks, choose the study cup of different function, revulsive child learns successive ground how to use a mug, for instance type of nipple of the first phase -- type of mouth of duck of the 2nd phase -- pattern of sucker of the 3rd phase -- type of cup of mouth of the 4th phase.

   Subtle move 5: Be apt to is usedComplementary feed

The adjustment in give up nipple period inside, the parent also should inspect the child's demand to make corresponding arrangement, give the child for instance a few complementary feed the mastication that satisfies them desire, those who resemble marvellous and so on of grind one's teeth is OK.

   TIPS: Give up nipple 3 big contraindication

1, nipple of compulsory out of service. Such can the oral cavity that cannot satisfy the child at a draught desire, the body and mind that meets block up child instead develops.

2, act too hastily. The infant had had the capacity that fathoms parent behavior, if the parent acts too hastily, darling is met
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