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Oral cavity is a of our body main component. It comprises oral cavity by the part such as bottom of lip, buccal, palate, mouth, the ceiling that resembles a house (palate) , the ground (buccal bottom) , reach wall (labial buccal) , there is a door in front (the mouth) be interlinked with the outside, slowly wait for water, food, air ceaselessly input. There still is the facility of a lot of niceties in this house, function each different, basically tongue, tooth and salivary gland wait. The tongue has the function such as language, taste, agitate, and the tooth basically is food cut, dolly, will abrade wait for a function. When tongue, tooth works, salivary gland cooperates actively also, secrete many saliva and mix adequately with food, make food gets preliminary digest decompose. The wall of this house still has a special adornment -- oral cavity mucous membrane, show pink, the glandule system that has countless because of depth is continual salivary, reason its surface is wet and smooth from beginning to end. Of this room hind upper part and nose pharynx ministry are interlinked, hind lower part criterion and buccal pharynx ministry are interlinked.

In this big family, because temperature, humidity is appropriate, still growing many microbial -- pathogenic bacteria and beneficial bacterium, they defy each other interdependent, form complex and natural zoology environment. Below normal circumstance, this zoology environment poises when be being destroyed, our oral cavity can produce a disease, so we must protect environment of good buccal zoology.

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