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Have a meal how long talent is suitable

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"Voracious " , " 3 gather up two batches " commonly used will describe someone to have a meal fast, this kind dines the habit can bring digestion disease, if often eat too very hotly again, can cause esophagus cancer. Yesterday (6 days of) , courtyard area digests Beijing of hospital of Beijing rising sun on the west medical director Zhang Chuan suggests people, every meal has the left and right sides 20 minutes more appropriate, it is advisable that the temperature of meal is controlled with 37 ℃ .

Zhang Chuan says, oral cavity itself has a part to digest a function, some food begin to be in from oral cavity digest, be like starch kind food. Accordingly, to nibble slow pharynx can make human body sufficient generation is digested enzymatic, reduce gastric burden. Dine too fast, can make food cannot undertake sufficient mastication, the food with coarse grain may delimit dyspepsia caused by excessive eating or improper diet is in charge of; to dine too very hot, mucous membrane of may burnable esophagus. These physical injury cause itself very easily to be defeated with respect to very fragile esophagus mucous membrane;burst;ulcerate;fester, cause acute inflammation. If be long-term slow sexual excitement, make esophagus appears inflammation, the likelihood causes cell denaturation or esophagus cancer from this.

The youth loves to eat hemp particularly hot very hot, barbecue, iron plate is burned. Director Zhang reminds, hemp is hot the stimulation that irons pair of stomach bowel to is very big, the person with digestive young function should eat; less and barbecue kind food is baking the inevitably generation carcinogenic substance in controlling a process, also answer to eat less.

Masticatory action:

1. food by big decrescent, by thick attenuate, turn into by food namely food round;

2. Yield oral cavity digestive juice -- , saliva and food mix adequately, make food embellish wet molten, undertake; adequately with what benefit digests an activity at oral cavity

3. Mastication arrives when certain level, carry food group to next peptic. Food gets sufficient mastication in oral cavity, oral cavity digests the burden that reduced gastric bowel position. Conversely, can cause accentuation of gastric bowel burden, time grows, can cause gastric bowel disease.

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