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The surface of gum anatomizes a structure

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1, free gum: It is the brim of gum, around the tooth cervical but the dissociate that does not adhere to with tooth substance appearance is movable part. (Gum channel: There is one to surround between free gum and tooth the wedge clearance of tooth neck. The normal deepness <2mm of gum channel, be like > 2mm is pathology sex namely, call tooth week bag. Call tooth week bag..

2, gum tit: It is photograph adjacent the tit shape of the gum between two teeth is protuberant. (Gum cereal: After tooth, side of gum tit buccal tongue is higher, central joint is inferior, be located in surface contact of two teeth adjacent to order lower part, say. Because gum cereal is located in face of two teeth adjacent, food is residual stop more easily here with the bacterium, and here Lu skin is thin, change without horn, resistance is weak, reason is easy produce inflammation. Reason is easy produce inflammation..

3, adherent gum: The root that is located in free gum square, adherent reach tooth chamfer Ji at tooth body. (Stipple: Pink, quality of a material is tough, the bit that the surface has appearance of a lot of the skin that show orange to cave and those who say. The obvious pitch of stipple because of the person different. When adherent gum produces inflammation, by (2) the constituent structure of gum how?

Gum is the one part of oral cavity mucous membrane, by epithelial form with inherent layer. Gum does not have mucous membrane lower level, inherent layer adheres to directly at tooth body and tooth chamfer bone.

1, epithelial: For shape of answer layer scale epithelial, its surface layer is normally horn is changed or not full role is changed, epithelial hammer dash forward long and narrow and concentrated, strengthened epithelial the join with inherent layer.

(1) gum channel is epithelial: Gum is epithelial cross gum predestined relationship to continue inside channel and be enclothed to gum child the part of the wall outside gum channel.

(2) union is epithelial (adherent and epithelial) : It is gum epithelial and adherent the part at tooth substance appearance. This is epithelial begin Xiang Genfang from gum channel bottom outspread, its position is not constant. Young when be located in enamel surface more, as year the growth of caries, just move to the root gradually, middleaged later surface of bone of much seat tooth. Combine epithelial coronal square thicker, about 10 multilayer cell, xiang Genfang attenuates gradually. The cell is compressed, its grow axis and parallel of tooth substance appearance. Change without horn already also do not have a hammer dash forward. Clinical go up, any tooth week operations should avoid to injure this epithelial, lest break ring the adherent relation between its and tooth body, bring about periodontosis.

2, inherent layer: For compact connective tissue. Its tit slightness is concentrated, contain rich collagen fiber, the collagen fiber collect of inherent rhinoceros is synthesized bundle, and have certain permutation direction, can divide it is 5 groups:
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