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Dai Yi ages the patient needs to notice

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The following should understand when the patient wears a tooth:

(When 1) Chu Daiyi ages, tentative meeting has a foreign body inside the mouth feeling, disgusting or vomiting, articulate the likelihood is affected sometimes, still masticatory inconvenience waits. Classics patience practices, 2 week hind can improve 1 ~ .

(2) picks inconvenience of Dai Yi tine, beginning often is the perch direction that did not master false tooth, should practice patiently, one but grasped the pattern, pick become easier.

(When 3) picks false tooth had better push-pull radical is held in the palm, is not push-pull snap ring. Take no less than coming that turn snap ring again, had not exerted oneself to do sth. big, wear false tooth not to use a tooth occlusive perch, in case snap ring is out of shape or false tooth breaks off.

(4) Chu Daiyi ages, should not be commonly eat to be fed forcedly, unfavorable also bite cut food. Had better eat small soft food first, food of mastication of the tooth after of short duration is used.

(After 5) Chu Daiyi ages, the likelihood has mucous membrane tenderness. Tenderness is serious person, often have mucous membrane ulcer. Can get off temporarily false tooth bubble is in cold water, before further consultation with a doctor a few hours wear false tooth, so that find pain spot well and truly, revise with benefit.

(Mix after 6) meal false tooth scrub should get off before sleeping clean, usable clear water dips in scrub of soap, toothpaste, false tooth should prevent to drop when scrub go up, lest break.

(7) reduces negative charge to make support an organization, have proper time rest, best and nightly do not wear false tooth, get off false tooth bubble is in cold water, avoid by all means is put in boiled water or alcohol solution.

(The mobile false tooth with small 8) , the person that loosen easily, nightly when resting, must pick, lest be taken off in sleep, send angry canal and esophagus accident.

(If 9) feels to there is unwell place after Dai Yi ages, do not want oneself to start work revise, should check in time to the hospital or revise.

(When 10) is like false tooth happening to damage or breaking off, answer to be repaired in time, bring the share that break off at the same time.

(11) every half an year arrives 1 year, best further consultation with a doctor 1.

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