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Contain the malpractice that nipple sleeps

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The 2-3 that the near future comes to a hospital see a doctor year old little patient grow in quantity, because contain nipple to fall asleep,major children is bring about " feeder caries " .

As we have learned, the infant that treats tooth disease to this courtyard is behaved mostly have black spot for dental surface, a few children appear even the phenomenon that the tooth falls off prematurely. The doctor of the stomatological hospital that occupy town introduces, a few babies are asleep when suck the breast, the parent sleeps to be afraid of influence child, often allow to containing nipple to sleep by the child, thereby the habit that nurturance baby contains nipple to sleep, and this kind of habit is very harmful to the tooth. Because certain candy portion is contained in the grandma, the children that contains nipple for a long time to sleep is easy deciduous teeth be cankeroused by candy portion, cause disease of deciduous teeth occurrence caries, fall off ahead of schedule even, because be propped up without the tooth, the jaw bone growth of cheeper can be affected, the normal bud that affects constant tooth then goes out. Accordingly, the parent should correct the child to contain the habit that nipple sleeps, the oral cavity that notices the child is wholesome, once discover the child's tooth appears unusual situation, answer to see a doctor to normal hospital instantly, avoid to delay an illness.

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