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The very new tooth with long deciduous teeth need not be afraid of

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Our country is average the children before every 10 school age has nearly 8 children to have tooth of eat by moth. Although each media publicizes the importance that brush one's teeth again and again nowadays, but investigation personnel still discovers a lot of parents to return existence to wear to preventing the understanding of tooth of eat by moth error: For instance a few parents think the deciduous teeth eventually of children wants to change Cheng Xinya, eat by moth was dropped irrespective, actually this kind of idea is wrong. Deciduous teeth should guide new tooth correct development, once tooth of eat by moth is formed, the tooth grows insalubrious, the tooth on the side can tilt come over, cause the new tooth of development is arranged later not neat.

How to do ability to let the child be far from the worry of tooth of eat by moth?

One, those who had chosen brush one's teeth tool

1, should choose roughly when buying tooth brush, see tooth brush head first, its size wants moderate, can rotational in oral cavity agile; brushs a head to 2-3 discharges Mao Shu, every by 4-6 bundle composition, there is certain space between Mao Shu, be cleaned easily and ventilated; wool wants softness character, every brush Mao Jian to the ministry should pass the processing that grind a circle and submit round blunt form, brush hair roundly without grinding adverse to tooth and tooth caries. Clean tooth brush clean after the attention answers to be used every time when use tooth brush, swing the head will be brushed after working up, put in buccal cup, brush a head in order to maintain dry, reduce a bacterium to cause.

2, should change regularly tooth brush, the summer is best a month is changed 1 times, the others season also wants 3 months to be changed 1 times. If brush Mao Juan music, answer to change immediately, in case abrade gum.

3, the toothpaste that contain fluorine is the medicaments with accepted precautionary at present best dental caries, it passes those who enhance a tooth to fight acerbity ability, stimulative tooth again mineralization, have the sanitarian tooth, objective that prevents dental caries. Using the toothpaste that contain fluorine to brush one's teeth is one of methods of the sanitarian tooth that goes easily the simpliest. Accordingly, should contain fluorine to contain double fluorine especially for children choose and buy (active fluorine) toothpaste.

2, brush his teeth with right kind

1. With the softer standard tooth brush that uses for children, horizontal 67, set upright 3 two.

2. Immerse with Wen Shuixian tooth brush, squeeze toothpaste again above.

3. Choose children toothpaste or the toothpaste that contain fluorine and chlorophyll, effective to preventing dental caries, but the life contains fluorine in drinking water the children of higher area, unfavorable with the toothpaste that contain fluorine.

4. Brush his teeth correctly the method is, down slit between the teeth, on tooth from go up to be brushed downward, next teeth from fall to be brushed up, inside and outside wants clean down, should brush 2-3 the least minute.
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