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Dental organization and tooth week anatomize a structure

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  The tooth is mixed by bone of essence of enamel, tooth, tooth 4 parts comprise dental pulp.

Enamel (Enamel) : It is by countless concentrated glair column is mixed be combined character between a few column and become. It is the strongest organization in human body, enclothe in tooth coronal surface, show ivory, slightly transparent, qualitative hard, ability suffers chew force formidably. Inorganic salt is occupied about 96% , among them bases is phosphoric acid calcium, calcium carbonate. Organic matter class status takes very few amount only.

The tooth is substaintial (Dentin) : It is the main body part that makes a tooth, by matrix and tooth essence canaliculus is comprised, the tooth has the cell that comes from cell of the essence that build a tooth in substaintial canaliculus dash forward, thereby is shot with undertaking nutrition take the place of, degree of tooth essence calcify and hardness are a bit lower than enamel, color is light yellow, opaque. Inorganic salt kind about 70% , basically be hydroxide apatite, contain phosphoric acid calcium to wait, organic matter is occupied about 30% , basically be collagen albumen.

Tooth bone (Cementum) : It is the organization of appearance of one layer spirit that the bag circles in tooth root surface. Its nutrition basically comes from tooth week film, borrow fiber of tooth week film and tooth chamfer bone to connect cheek by jowl. As a result of inflammation of tooth root ministry stimulate offend, tooth bone can happen absorb or proliferous, even and all round bone organization shows bone sex adhesion.

Dental pulp (Cementum) : Dental pulp organization is located in inside the dental pulp antrum of dental interior. The appearance of dental pulp antrum and tooth system pattern are roughly similar, pitch of marrow of tooth coronal ministry is bigger, weigh pith room, antrum of marrow of tooth root ministry is pettier, weigh a canal, root pointed ministry has alveolus, call a root pointed aperture. Dental pulp organization basically includes nerve, blood vessel, lymphatic with connective tissue, still have arrange the cell of the essence that build a tooth in the week outside dental pulp, its action is the essence that build a tooth. Have caries when place of tooth coronal some or when other ill caustic, essence of a tooth can be formed in corresponding pith antrum wall, call essence of repair sex tooth, in order to compensate this tooth coronal ply, it is the protection reaction of dental pulp namely.

Latter-day viewpoint thinks, reach from embryology, histology physiological wait for respect regard, there is very close relationship between tooth essence and dental pulp, can regard an organization or organ as, call dental pulp organ of one tooth essence (Pulp-dentin Organ) . Look from embryo and histology respect, both all is pledged by outer room tooth tit is derived and come, and after in tooth essence mineralization is formed, the cell of the essence that build a tooth in still having dental pulp is protuberant and outspread canaliculus of the essence that enter a tooth, and protuberant in the 3/4 that contains cellular oar to occupy cell of the essence that build a tooth, the final result that tooth essence is maturity of become divided of dental pulp cell, Zhou Kuang outside forming its spends a part. From physiological angle, tooth essence protects action to dental pulp, and its vigor derives from dental pulp again, once tooth essence is exposed, when suffer the outside to stimulate or be being injured, no matter its origin, weight, property how, dental pulp all will produce corresponding respondent reaction. Accordingly, in short, can think dental pulp is fastened by mineralization and not 2 parts form mineralization, mineralization part namely the tooth is substaintial, both is reaction of as a whole exciting to the outside generation essentially, any provision that have substantially in the tooth all fasten the immediate loss that organizes to dental pulp periphery, this one idea is right clinical have important sense.
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